Let me Guess what Brought you Here...

Your journey up until this very breath has been a wild ride with ups and downs along the way. You’ve witnessed some tough losses, navigated through some challenging experiences, and now, you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to see things differently. You’re calling in a miracle and are saying enough with the BS.

You’re done playing small. You have something brewing inside of you that’s ready to be unleashed. You’ve been doing your best to build the impacting business and life. You keep finding yourself stuck in the old loops and patterns that aren’t serving. You’ve done the courses and invested in the programs and coaches. Bought the books of your favorite Spiritual Leaders and participated in all the free webinars. You've subscribed to countless email lists, downloaded loads of freebies and found yourself never touching them.

My love. I totally get it. I’ve been there too.

As someone who's been able to navigate through some wild journeys, like being struck by lightning and doing my best to overcome prolonged depression, I was on a mission to turn the ship around and create the business and life I've always seen myself designing and activating. What I learned from my 4 year sabbatical was that for me to anchor the business and life I truly desired, I had to be willing to dive in deep and face my pains, traumas, and limiting beliefs that were running the show. Why so? It's all about ALIGNMENT. I could have had the education, wisdom, and knowledge to build my business, but it wasn't the solution. I had to do the deep internal work in order to plant the seeds in order for me to THRIVE.

Hey boo.

I am Sabrina Riccio and I’m committed to you get there.


As a Modern Medicine Woman and a Intuitive Brand Strategist, I’m here to let you know you are always Divinely Guided and that you’re so not alone. Actually, you’re right on time! An old soul and a mystic at heart, I understand that all of what we’ve experienced in our lives has been perfect. Things are always happening behind the scenes. What matters is your attitude and beliefs around your current situation as your desires and dreams become your reality. 
What I can tell you is that whatever bullsh*t you've experienced over the years, it's about to make sense. Through my experience, it's gifted me the capacity to be more compassionate, to be able to see you, to hold the space for your transformation, and to witness you THRIVE. 
After graduating from college with a Degree in Business + Marketing, I knew there was something deeper to be discovered about the future of business. The Universe blessed me with the opportunity to do the deeper work to have the discovery. I spent over FOUR YEARS on a deep spiritual sabbatical after I was struck by lightning. You see, I was on a mission to make the world a better and brighter place. My heart was there, but my energetic capacity was weak after years of repressed trauma and depression running the show. Because I was unaware of the importance of doing the deep inner work, I ended up crashing and burning. 

I was burnt out. My light was dim. I knew there was a better alternative.

Simply by deciding that I was worthy of experiencing so much more, I've been able to unleash my medicine, connect and collaborate with incredible change makers around the world, produce the chart-topping The Sovereign Society Podcast, and have been the catalyst for thousands of people to amplify their hue-man experience and revolutionize hue-manity.


Through my experience, I've been able to activate my legacy and it's safe to say, I've only scratched the surface.

The world ain't seen nothin' yet and I'm here to help you get there too, my love.

Here’s the secret, babe.

For you to begin to unleash your medicine with the world, you must first be willing to dive in deep and honor what arises. You must be willing to discover the patterns + stories that are keeping you stuck and playing small. The inner always creates the outer. The more you look outside of you to dictate your happiness, the more you’ll find yourself feeling disempowered. As you begin to be brave + courageous by diving within, you can begin to love the fragmented parts of you + your journey that have been yearning for your love.


As you do, you'll begin to Radiate your Radness + THRIVE.

My mission is to help you Embrace all Facets of your Hue-man Experience to Activate Your Legacy and Unleash your Medicine with the World.


My Signature Soul Activation Experience Designed to Help You Activate your Soulful Business from the Inside Out.

During this 3 month experience, you’ll begin to...

❖ Discover, Honor, and Unleash your Medicine through Energetic Mastery, Quantum Expansion, and Kundalini Activation
❖ Activate Crystalline Boundaries as you cultivate the healthy work-life journey as a Modern Medicine Wombyn
❖ Transmute what doesn’t serve to Align and Activate what does
❖ Get out of the loop and into the rhythm and flow
❖ Tap into your inner wisdom + intuition to lead the masses with your message and radiance
❖ Balance your Masculine + Feminine Energy to create the solid foundation for your sacred empire
❖ Honor your journey + trust your process as you see Life happening for you, not to you
❖ Revolutionize Humanity as you Align to your Soul’s Destiny + Anchor the Golden Era
❖ Unleash your Sat Nam by Stepping Out of the Spiritual Closet 
❖ Become a sacred disruptor to heal yourself and the masses
❖ heal the money stories once and for all to create impact and activate your abundance
❖ understand what it takes to build your soulful brand from the ground up
❖ how to market and brand your medicine to attract and connect to your soulbabe clients
I'm Ready to THRIVE!

As You Embark on Your Journey to THRIVE, You'll Find Yourself...

Unleashing Your Medicine

Awake and activate your passions, your you-nique talents, gifts, and medicine to share with the world. Working with the power of Kundalini Yoga, you’ll unleash your life force, break through the blocks, and radiate your Sat Nam. You’ll begin to tap into and increase your highest potential as you go forth and share your truth with conviction. The world is ready for you to lead and empower the masses to activate + unleash their medicine with the world.

Reclaiming Your Authentic Power

Through quantum expansion, you have the power to transmute what’s been keeping you small from the inside-out. Here, you'll begin to rewrite the limiting beliefs and heal your lineage so that you can begin to implement and set the foundation for the generations to come. With this soulistic approach from working on the inside out, you'll begin to cultivate the space to experience  the abundance, opportunities, and prosperity that is your birthright. 

Create Impact on a Cosmic Level

We all know how interconnected we are here in this human experience. As you embark on this journey, you'll begin to create a ripple effect out into the world and beyond. You came here to live out your Divine Mission. This is your opportunity to experience the truth that the world is READY to experience your radness. With this experience, you'll begin to Activate Your Legacy and actualize Heaven on Earth by unleashing your medicine with the world.

Activating Your Soulful Business

Cultivate a healthy work life balance as you build the business + life of your dreams. Discover what it takes to build your sacred empire from the ground up. Alignment is the new hustle. As you create the seamless structure, you'll experience effortless and abundant flow. Through these 90 days, you'll begin to understand + align your energy, what it takes to fill up your cup, + how to share from that space of overflow effortlessly.

Over this experience, we’ll be implementing Kundalini Yoga, Modern Mysticism, Quantum Expansion and of course, Business + Brand Development so that you can share with the world why you’re really here!


Dive in Deep

Here, we're going in deep. You'll begin to heal and transcend the limits + beliefs that have kept you small + hiding in the spiritual closet. Everything from Ancestral Healing to rewriting your money stories, Mooth One is all about honoring all facets of your human experience + your medicine to begin to activate your soulful business and life.

Build the Foundation

Prepare to SLAY. Moonth Two is all about setting the foundation for your Sacred Empire. Here, we'll tune into your Sacred Why, how to cultivate your community + align to your soulbabe clients by setting yourself up for abundant success with ease + grace. This is your life! Now's the time for you to honor your unique rhythm and flow.

Share Your Medicine

From colors, to intention, to words, and action, everything is energy. Moonth Three is about Setting Ambiance and Unleashing Your Medicine. We'll go over branding, prepping the platforms, and what it takes to step out of the spiritual closet. The world is ready for your medicine, love. The time is now for you to show us whatcu got!

"Sabrina has truly dedicated blood, sweat, and tears into this program. If you’re honoring yourself enough and honoring the way she has shown up for us getting through these weekly lessons / blessings, you wil truly gain all of the benefits that are waiting for you. Through her guidance and lessons I have healed an addiction I didn’t think I’d ever get rid of, I believe in my own power, and I can feel and respect the energy that surrounds us much stronger. I will forever have love for Sabrina and this soul sister circle we all have gained."

Jahaira Nieto
Conscious Mamma Community Mentor

Ready to Unleash Your Medicine with the World?

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