Are you someone who's been doing the work and now, you're ready to answer the call and activate your THRIVING business? The time is NOW to Unleash Your Medicine.

A 90-Day Soulful Business Mastermind to Activate Your THRIVING Empire from the Inside-Out

Let me Guess...

Let me Guess...
  • You've been doing the work for quite some time and now, you're ready to answer the call and share with the world why you're here.
  • As a Modern Medicine Womxn, you want to infuse your passion for Modern Mysticism and Spirituality to create a business that's truly yours.
  • You know you bring something to the table unlike anyone else. You just need the support on how to set yourself up for success and SLAY.
  • You're ready to experience a life of freedom, expansion, + purpose and a business that impacts the world unlike anything we've seen before.

Here’s the secret, babe.

For you to begin to unleash your medicine with the world, the deep inner work must be done if you want to create the container for abundance in all its forms. While you've been witnessing the patterns + stories that kept you stuck and playing small, it's time for you to share with the world how you overcame it. Remember, the inner always creates the outer. The more you look outside of you to dictate your happiness, the more you’ll find yourself feeling disempowered. As you begin to be brave + courageous by diving within, you can begin to love the fragmented parts of you + your journey that have been yearning for your love.

As you do, you'll begin to Radiate your Radness + THRIVE.

Hey love.

I am Sabrina Riccio and I’m committed to you helping you get there.


As a Modern Medicine Woman and an Intuitive Brand Strategist, I’m here to let you know you bring something unique to the world unlike anyone else. Something we’ve been craving. An old soul and a mystic at heart, I can tell you, whatever has led you here, you have the power to move the masses with your message and medicine. With this experience, I’m here to help you share the Sacred Why behind why you're here.

After graduating from Chapman with a Degree in Business / Marketing, I knew there was something deeper to be discovered about the future of business… the understanding about the interconnectedness in all things. Everything influences our lives and our experience.  After navigating through my journey of overcoming PTSD after being struck by lightning, healing deep childhood trauma, and paving my unique path in the Spiritual Community, I’ve experienced first hand what it takes to cultivate a successful and thriving business.

Thing is, your business is an extension of you.

Really feel into the success and impact you bring to the world.

The Universe blessed me with the opportunity to do the deeper work to discover the path conscious business is paving. Taking my business to the next level required me to alchemize the energetic barriers that were blocking me from sharing my medicine with the world.  By honoring myself, my vulnerability, and my gift to help others activate their full potential, I was able to magnetize and experience massive opportunities.

Through my experience and my THRIVE methodology, I'm here to show you how it's done.


My Signature Soulful Business Activation Mastermind Designed to Help You Launch Your THRIVING online Empire.


  • Business has shifted with the times. To get to where we wanna go, doing the deep internal work first will create the sacred container for you to activate your legacy + unleash your medicine.
  • Being in the world of service requires you to honor you and your energy first and foremost so you can share from the space of overflow.
  • The days of burn-out and hustle are over. Choose to work smarter instead of harder by cultivating the structures and healthy + balanced work ethic. psst.. it's your Masculine + Feminine energetic mastery we're talking here!
  • You see what's going on in the world today. There's no more room for you to play small. The time is NOW for you to step out of the spiritual closet and into the world feeling radiant and aligned to your highest embodiment.
  • The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to step out of your comfort zone and follow through to Unleash Your Medicine with the world?

My mission here is to help you cultivate the business + life that sets your soul on fire.

Embarking on the 90-Day Journey of THRIVE, you'll begin to...


❖ Unleash your Medicine through Energetic Mastery, Quantum Expansion, and Kundalini Activation
❖ Rewire your subconscious mind + strengthen your nervous system to activate abundance and opportunities
❖ Discover what it takes to honor your journey while sharing with the world your soul's purpose + mission
❖ Develop the Fundamental Building Blocks of your THRIVING empire including legality, financial organization, and brand development
❖ Tap into your inner wisdom + intuition to lead and move the masses with your message
❖ Alchemize the loops + conditioning of ancestral + societal programming and into your unique rhythm + flow
❖ Balance your Masculine + Feminine Energy to create the solid foundation for your THRIVING empire
❖ Live your Sat Nam by effortlessly sharing your gifts, passions, + purpose
❖ Heal the money stories once and for all to create impact and activate your abundance
❖ Understand what it takes to build your soulful brand from the inside-out
❖ Market and brand your medicine to attract and transform committed fans into SoulBabe clients
❖ Discover how to SLAY your social media and become a leader in your field while embarking on the journey to activate + launch your aligned offering

Your Soulistic Journey

There's no accident to you life. Rewrite the limiting beliefs, heal your ancestral lineage, your inner child, and strengthen your foundation. By rewriting the story and making your mess your message, you move the masses.

Awaken Your Authentic Power

Working with the technology of Kundalini Yoga + Modern Mysticism, awaken to new levels of success while experiencing the drive, breakthroughs, and inspiration to spread your message and medicine with the world.

The Foundation for Sustainable Success

Thanks to the advancement of Modern Techology and the symbiotic relationship between proper systems and energetic cosmic alignment, you'll discover what it takes to work smarter instead of harder.

Activate Your THRIVING Empire

Alignment is the true hustle. Build your sacred empire from the ground up by implementing the THRIVE methodology for success to cultivate a healthly work-life rhythm & flow with a blessed up market strategy of intention + purpose.


The Results

◆ Work alongside your inner child and your ancestors to live and share on purpose and mission

Activate more financial abundance by honoring the energy of money

Implement the techniques, wisdom and medicine and infuse it into the work you share with your clients

◆ Develop the systems to cultivate a healthy work-life rhythm and flow

◆ Increase your magnetism and your reach by transforming fans into Soul Babe clients

◆ Develop a solid foundation for your Mystical Business

◆ Strategically align your business and content planning with the phases of la luna and the astrological seasons

◆ Discover what it takes to start your podcast and other social media strategies while developing aligned branding

Create + launch your Group Coaching Program

... and more where that came from


Over this experience, we’ll be implementing Kundalini Yoga, Modern Mysticism, Quantum Expansion and of course, Business + Brand Development so that you can share with the world why you’re really here!



The Soulistic Journey

Here, we're going in deep. You'll begin to heal and transcend the limits + beliefs that have kept you small + hiding in the spiritual closet. Everything from Ancestral Healing to rewriting your money stories, Mooth One is all about honoring all facets of your human experience + your medicine to begin to activate your soulful business and life.

i. the

The Golden Era has been waiting for you to take the leap and best believe your ancestors have your back! Through the implementation of the THRIVE method, discover what it takes to realize the dream and manifest the reality you've been calling in.

ii. dismantling limitation

It's time to alchemize the loops once and for all. By strengthening the lower triangle, healing core wounds, and releasing victim mentality, you begin to break free from the shackles + limiting beliefs while discovering the path to success.

iii. awakening the sacred disruptor

The world is ready for you to step into your authentic power. This is the time for you to embrace you medicine by honoring your journey, what's inspiring you and begin to use that as fuel to take the leap and move the masses with your medicine.

iv. the foundation for success

Let's hone in on your Brand Alchemy and set the foundation of your business. By honing in on your passions, your values, and your overall great vision to revolutionize the world with your medicine, you can begin to activate your authentic and aligned brand.


Set the Foundation

Prepare to SLAY. Moonth Two is all about setting the foundation for your Sacred Empire. Here, we'll tune into your Sacred Why, the ethos of your brand, what it takes to move the masses with your mission, and purpose, what it takes to cultivate your community + align to your soulbabe clients.

v. serving the masses

You came here to be of service, but as the saying goes, if you talk to everyone, you're not talking to anyone. As you begin to put the pieces together and value your medicine you can begin to call in your SoulBabe Client all while honoring the journey you're here to through.

vi. activated abundance

Money is simply energy. As you begin to honor your energy and respect the flow of money within your business, you'll begin to activate more of it. Learn what it takes to have a healthy relationship with money so you can begin to humbly call in more of it!

vii. the soulistic plan

It's time to hone in on your business strategy and game plan. Focusing on the big picture, knowing the market, and recognizing what's missing in your industry, you can prepare to execute and deliver something your SoulBabe's been craving and calling in.

ix. activating your medicine

This is The Soulstic Journey to make your biz LEGIT and on your terms. The Stairway to Success hones in on your offerings and the various offerings you're here to deliver. From structures to email blasts, discover what it takes to launch your offering/program.


Unleash Your Medicine

From colors, to intention, to words and action, everything is energy. Moonth Three is about what it takes for you to Unleash Your Medicine. We'll go over brand alchemy, how to honor your unique rhythm and flow, what it takes to be a Content Creatrix, prepping the platforms, launching your offerings + website, as you SLAY your soulcial media.

ix. mystic marketing

The cosmos are here to help you work smarter instead of harder. Cultivate a healthy relationship with the cosmos, your ten bodies, and the astrological season to execute your marketing plan that's out of this world.

ix. slay

The key to success in business comes down to coming up with a plan. Honoring the visions, goals, and marketing strategy that supports your offering and the medicine you're here to release in the world, begin to work smarter instead of harder.

xi. content creatrix

Now that you've gotten all the pieces together, it's time for you to launch your offering. From setting up your sales page, to prepping your launch, discover what it takes to go out there and unleash your signature program.

xii. unleash your medicine

It's time to SLAY your Soulcial Media with a game plan. Implementing the systems and strategies learned throughout this experience, you can activate your podcast, become the expert as you serve the world your medicine.


  • You've been coaching / mentoring / sharing your medicine for some time now and you're ready to take your business to the next level.
  • You've invested in business coaching programs in the past but it feels like something's still missing.
  • You're ready to activate and build your online empire so you can be location free + financially abundant.
  • You're ready to transform that hobby of yours into a THRIVING business.
  • You've decided, right here, right now, that you're ready to break free from the shackles and limiting beliefs once and for all.
  • You're ready to activate + align the business and life that sets your soul on fire while implementing great change in the world.

◆ Meet the Babes of THRIVE◆

"I don't even need to take another program." - Monica Iskandar

"THRIVE is like no other program out there. I love the fact that Sabrina takes you on a self-realization journey and gets to the root of the deeper issues. No bypassing in this program! For so long I allowed myself to play small but as I worked through the program I was able to unblock a lot of my limiting beliefs. Not only does she deal with the inner work, but the program also provided anything and everything on how to get your business off the ground. She gives a step by step guide for anyone just starting or has been in business for years. This program has transformed the way I look at myself and business. Thank you, ​Sabrina!"


"I've gained such an innate confidence now that I'm doing everything right." - Kaylen Jolly

This program is not like any other I have seen or been through. I love and appreciate the emphasis on doing the soul work first to strike an inner balance that is unwavering. I feel like I have such a strong foundation within myself having taken time to integrate and embody my own core values. I feel safe now to build my business from a space where I can play creatively from my heart. I have felt so supported on this journey, like I have everything I need to THRIVE no matter what.

"Working with Sabrina was truly lifechanging for my business." - Rebecca Wiseman

"I have been following Sabrina for years as a loyal listener to the Sovereign Society Podcast. Her personality, story, and messages helped me so much on my awakening journey, and really spoke to my heart and soul. I left corporate with some savings in my pocket and a big dream of helping women step out of anxiety and insecurity and step into who they are. THRIVE came to me at the most synchronistic time. I was ready to really take my business to the next level and step out of the spiritual closet. Working with Sabrina in this program gave me all the tools, love, and support I needed to create a THRIVING business. I am certain I will look back on this program as making a huge impact in my career.


◆ Word on the Streets ◆

Sabrina's THRIVE program is like nothing else I've ever experienced with online coaching or in person. THRIVE gave me immediate tools to work with that maintain me every day as well as a great community to be part of. The weekly content was spot on for where I was and what I was able to receive at the time. Sabrina doesn't hand hold, but rather holds me accountable in such a joyful way, it has empowered me and allowed so much needed inspiration in on my personal life as well as my business. Treating my whole self is having positive effects on my spiritual life as well as my family life and this is trickling down into my work. I've broken through years of frustration in this program and I feel like I've been given the tools, that as I keep using, are helping me propel into the next level in all aspects of my life. I would recommend this program 100% to anyone ready to up level in any or all areas of their life.

- Kylie Cole

When I first heard Sabrina talk about THRIVE on Instagram, I knew it was a program I wanted to be a part of, partially because I could see and feel Sabrina’s fire and passion. I have worked with other coaches in terms of doing the inner healing work; however, between Sabrina’s words of wisdom and the worksheets, you are asked to go to places within you that are so deep and painful (in a good way) so you can allow yourself to shift. Her worksheets specifically are so specific, you really get to know yourself on an intimate level like you never have before. Before the program I honestly felt confused and indecisive. I knew I had a bigger mission but it felt so out of reach. During and after this program I now feel so much love and closeness to myself and to my soul’s desires. The Kundalini Yoga is a great addition and you feel incredible and uplifted after the classes and shorter video practices. The group calls were so great in that it felt like we were all a soul family helping and holding space for one another. Sabrina is so dedicated to helping you really hone in on what you are here to do and how you can serve. She doesn’t sugar coat anything which I love!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this program and for holding space for all of us!

- Catherine Caputo

THRIVE created a sacred space for me to uncover my truth, to meet my worth, to claim my power and to accept myself fully as the beautiful being of energy that I am. I learned what it truly means to love myself, to accept myself and to open my heart to all of life's experiences. We have all experienced pain, darkness, trauma and grief. The shift in my perspective of those shadows within my Being is the greatest gift offered to me through THRIVE. I learned what it means to truly understand that life is happening for me and not to me. That my experiences are my own and how I choose to share those experiences with the Collective is the medicine I am here to offer. I believe that as souls, we create contracts prior to taking on a human body. We choose the experiences, families, cultures, etc. that we are born into so that we may fulfill the contracts we made as souls. THRIVE has offered me the roadmap to coming home to my soul's contract. Only love is real; everything else is an illusion.

- Blaire Zika

Sabrina has truly dedicated blood, sweat, and tears into this program. If you’re honoring yourself enough and honoring the way she has shown up for us getting through these weekly lessons/blessings, you will truly gain all of the benefits that are waiting for you. Through her guidance and lessons I have healed an addiction I didn’t think I’d ever get rid of, I believe in my own power, and I can feel and respect the energy that surrounds us much stronger. I will forever have the love for Sabrina and this soul sister circle we all have gained.

- Jahaira Nieto

I am filled with love and inspiration from experiencing THRIVE! It was my first ever coaching program and Sabrina, I honestly have no words to describe how incredible, supportive, gorgeous she is and am forever grateful for stumbling across her via her podcast (The Sovereign Society). I felt so many breakthroughs occur throughout, gained invaluable tools, had so many "aha" / "oh shit" moments and realisations, and uncovered where my blockages are. It's such a valuable journey to embark on and I couldn't recommend signing up to experience THRIVE enough, THANK YOU SHAMANESSA GODDESSA xoxoxo

- Eliza Hedley

Although a previous coaching program I did wasn't personalized, I felt a much deeper connection with you, Sabrina. I felt like we dived really deep. I felt like we went down to some of the deepest, darkest wounds, permeated and transmuted them. I feel like a different human with a different energy because of this program and you. I had to come up with my own answers, with my own story. They were not given to me, but you created the sacred space for me to do so with ease and grace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

- Carly Wilkinson

Sabrina’s Thrive Program is worth it! The courses cover a lot of ‘potent’ information that is delivered to you in a beautifully designed website that’s easy to use. The topics covered are invaluable and will resonate with you on a soul level! Sabrina is exceptionally supportive throughout the entire course. Make sure to do the assignments as they help implement the teachings! I am grateful for the new knowledge I’ve gained and the confidence to live an authentic life!

- Ashley Thesman

If you are ready to take your business and life to the next level and are highly motivated to work with a teacher that actually cares about being authentic and radiating your truths, THRIVE is for you! Sabrina is supportive and encourages you to honor your sacred uniqueness. She speaks truth from her heart and is passionate about the work she puts out. I'm grateful I was able to take this course and have access to the material moving forward. I will definitely continue to apply all the things I've learned from this course to my present life and future. We are all here to uplift the masses and Sabrina has guided me to uplift myself first and now I feel ready to show up for all of you! Who's ready for the call?

- Darlene Neth



Discover the systems and what it takes to successfully run an online empire. This is an opportunity for you to stay true and real along the way to your energy, your needs, and your desires of what your ideal life looks like.


12 pre-recorded modules with worksheets + weekly card spreads you can visit and revisit anytime. Not only that, you'll also experience 12+ Kundalini Yoga Meditations to uplevel and activate your business + life.


Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls with Hot Seat opportunities to Activate and Align. With each call, you'll have the opportunity to experience 1:1 support to build your business + cultivate a community to support you along the way.


◆ The Mystic Planner | 7-day Kundalini Yoga experience to Slay the Workweek

◆ 5 full-length Kundalini Yoga Classes

Personalized Tantric Numerology Report

◆ ONE 1:1 Coaching Call with Sabrina to help you come up with your Business Strategy


◆ take the leap ◆


This 90-Day Transformation is about to uplevel you and your business. If you're ready to build your THRIVING empire, take the leap and join the next round of THRIVE.


$2997 pay-in-full investment

psst. payment options are available


Our first Coaching Call embarks Tuesday 6/23 at 3:30pm PST


The time is NOW to Unleash Your Medicine.









◆ Frequently Asked Questions ◆

Who is this program for?

If you are a Service-Based entrepreneur who's ready to take your online empire to the next level, THRIVE was designed with you in mind!

Dedicated to the Medicine Mystic, yogi, accountant, modern medicine woman, astrologer, healer, coach, consultant, web designer, naturopath, nutritionist, etc. who's multipassionate and ready to unleash their medicine.

THRIVE is dedicated to the Sacred Disruptor who's done playing small. Whether you’re just starting your business, you have a business idea, or if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to implement more spirituality and mysticism to amplify your energy and reach, THRIVE can most definitely support you! Inside THRIVE, you’ll discover what it takes to build the business and life that can truly evolutionize huemanity.

Can I expect the results I’m looking for?

Again, what you'll experience is based on how willing you are to do the work and show up fully. PSA. I’m not a genie. I'm not Sabrina the Teenage Witch here. I can’t tell you, yes, and I can’t tell you no. You’ll experience what it is you need to experience.

We all have our own process in this journey called life… you have to Trust Yours.

The Universe always is working behind the scenes, delivering you your desires according to Divine Timing. It’s about you becoming a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to what it is you desire.

THRIVE is here to support you to get there.

What happens if I fall behind? Will it be difficult to keep up?

The great thing about online soul journeys is that you get to go at your own pace. While accountability is crucial, you’ll get out of this experience what you put in. That’s how it works in all areas of life. This is about honoring what arises and taking the time to follow through and integrate the transmission with each chapter. It’s all about honoring the journey and trusting the process.

Take inventory on your energy and how you spend your time. Let’s face it… everything is energy. You have just as many hours in a day as Oprah. Allow THRIVE to be part of your daily flow. Make it a priority. As you begin to commit to THRIVE, you’ll begin to see how much you CRAVE it, because this is potent medicine here!

You are here to uplevel and bless up this place with your medicine. The world is ready for you to unleash your medicine.

When will modules be released?

The first module will be released 2/17 with new content being dripped on a weekly basis.

How much time do I have to dedicate?

We all work at various paces, so each person is younique. #RealTalk, there are 12 modules that are released weekly. With each module you’ll find a transmissions, a Wake Pray Slay weekly Kundalini Meditation, a Card Spread, reflection questions to dive deep and a bi-weekly 60 minute coaching call.

There are also 2 40-day meditations to choose from to really shift the subconscious mind and 5 full-length Kundalini Yoga classes. Remember, you have lifetime access to this experience so you can go back anytime you’d like to really immerse yourself and absorb all the goods. You’ll get out what you put in… always.

Is this an intimate experience?

Yes! There are a max of 15 people with each enrollment of THRIVE. This allows Sabrina to dive in deep on an intimate level as they go forth and transmute what doesn’t serve so that they can begin to unleash their medicine with the world through their business and life.

How Soon will I see Results?

Results come from devotion and experience. We’ve seen Sacred Disruptors experience life-shifting results within the first weeks. If you truly immerse yourself in the teachings, you will inevitably feel the shift in every area of your life.

Are there results of massive shifts?

YES! THRIVE has been shared numerous times and every round, there are massive shifts that are evident. This program has helped people overcome addiction, deep trauma and pain, step out of the spiritual closet, refine their soulbabe client, and their brand to unleash their medicine with the world. THRIVE has forever impacted the lives of those who’ve participated.

Any other questions?

Feel free to reach out and connect | [email protected]

Remember this, love.

It all starts with you as the inner creates the outer. You are the baseline for your business and life. These tools and practices will gift you the energetic endurance to unleash your medicine with the world as you go forth and be the light you wish to see in the world.

Everything you want starts with your willingness to be the change and to heal and transmute what no longer serves to make space for what it is you desire. This is the gift of THRIVE.