The Mystic Planner | $79


I acknowledge that as I embark on this journey of participating in any of Sabrina Riccio’s programs and/or services, I take full responsibility. I proclaim full, personal sovereignty for any and all life changing effects that may or may not occur, all while being in complete control for my overall health and wellbeing. This includes, but is not limited to, my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health. I understand that while she is a certified Kundalini Yoga, Reiki Practitioner, and Life Coach, she makes no claim that her work directly treats or cures any psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual disorders. Her recommendations and advice are based on her intuitive perceptions and in no way replace medical or psychological care. I take responsibility to always consult with my doctor or physician before starting any new workout regimen, diet, or lifestyle change. I understand that her work is meant to be a supplement to the care of my primary care provider, and any other professional services I engage in (counseling, therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc.). I understand that if I am finding myself needing professional help, it is my responsibility to follow through by contacting a licensed medical professional. I have read the above and agree to accept full responsibility for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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The Mystic Planner | $79

cosmically align your business and life to sustainable + creative success.


With The Mystic Planner, you’ll discover…

◆ How to harness the planetary influence or each day of the week to strategically plan ahead for your work week and beyond!

◆ 7 Kundalini Yoga Meditations to support the planetary energy for each day

◆ How to activate your life-force to answer the call and share your message and medicine with the world.

◆ What’s been blocking you from feeling inspired, aligned, and activated when it comes time to create and slay it out there.

◆ How to utilize the most out of your day to experience sustainable success.

◆ How to navigate through these sensitive and wild times with more grace and ease.

◆ How to cultivate a healthy relationship with the cosmic energy that’s ever present.




◆ Daily Planetary Guide alongside crystals, journal reflections, card spread, and oils to support the day.

◆ The Honor Your Radness weekly task overview calendar