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I acknowledge that as I embark on this journey of participating in any of Sabrina Riccio’s programs and/or services, I take full responsibility. I proclaim full, personal sovereignty for any and all life changing effects that may or may not occur, all while being in complete control for my overall health and wellbeing. This includes, but is not limited to, my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health. I understand that while she is a certified Kundalini Yoga, Reiki Practitioner, and Life Coach, she makes no claim that her work directly treats or cures any psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual disorders. Her recommendations and advice are based on her intuitive perceptions and in no way replace medical or psychological care. I take responsibility to always consult with my doctor or physician before starting any new workout regimen, diet, or lifestyle change. I understand that her work is meant to be a supplement to the care of my primary care provider, and any other professional services I engage in (counseling, therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc.). I understand that if I am finding myself needing professional help, it is my responsibility to follow through by contacting a licensed medical professional. I have read the above and agree to accept full responsibility for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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THRIVE | 2 monthly payments

You're about to Embark on a Journey that Will Forever Shift Your Life!


We are living in changing times. It's literally a time where the doors are open for you to show up as your full, authentic self. It's about you going out there and radiating your radness. It's about you speaking and living your truth.

Embarking on the 8-part series of my signature program THRIVE, you'll reclaim your power by healing your ancestral line, honoring your inner masculine and feminine energy as well as preparing the road for you to uplevel or develop your business!

Blending in Kundalini Yoga, with Modern Mysticism, and Quantum Healing, you'll begin to awaken your creative potential, transmute your trauma, and unleash your juju.


During this 8-part series, you’ll learn...

𓂀 How to amplify your Human Experience

𓂀 Your inner mystic to awaken your cosmic truth

𓂀 Your authentic radness + share your unique radiance

𓂀 How to restore humanity through your story

𓂀 How to actualize your dreams + desires quickly, effectively, and effortlessly

𓂀 Your Kundalini Creative Energy to lead with authenticity

𓂀 The magic behind New Paradigm Business

𓂀 Mystical Tools + Rituals to help you Thrive + Align to your Highest Self

𓂀 The power of your thoughts, actions + beliefs and how it's actively creating your reality

𓂀 How to Elevate your Vibration to become a match to your heart's desires

𓂀 Become a Sovereign Leader + create your rules

...plus so much more!

.:. Word on the Streets .:.

Sabrina's THRIVE program is like nothing else I've ever experienced with online coaching or in person. I also hired her as a business coach for one on one sessions and the combination has shifted me completely. THRIVE gave me immediate tools to work with that maintain me every day as well as a great community to be part of. The weekly content was spot on for where I was and what I was able to receive at the time. Sabrina doesn't hand hold, but rather holds me accountable in such a joyful way, it has empowered me and allowed so much needed inspiration in on my personal life as well as my business. Treating my whole self is having positive effects on my spiritual life as well as my family life and this is trickling down into my work. I've broken through years of frustration in this program and I feel like I've been given the tools, that as I keep using, are helping me propel into the next level in all aspects of my life. I would recommend this program 100% to anyone ready to up level in any or all areas of their life.

Kylie Cole

Sabrina has truly dedicated blood, sweat, and tears into this program. If you’re honoring yourself enough and honoring the way she has shown up for us getting through these weekly lessons/blessings, you will truly gain all of the benefits that are waiting for you. Through her guidance and lessons I have healed an addiction I didn’t think I’d ever get rid of, I believe in my own power, and I can feel and respect the energy that surrounds us much stronger. I will forever have the love for Sabrina and this soul sister circle we all have gained.

Jahaira Nieto

Sabrina’s Thrive Program is worth it! The courses cover a lot of ‘potent’ information that is delivered to you in a beautifully designed website that’s easy to use. The topics covered are invaluable and will resonate with you on a soul level! Sabrina is exceptionally supportive throughout the entire course. Make sure to do the assignments as they help implement the teachings! I am grateful for the new knowledge I’ve gained and the confidence to live an authentic life!

Ashley Thesman